Over 100 inclusive stock images for animal services organizations were donated by Portsmouth Humane Society after they made an effort to diversify the images they were using to tell the story of their organization’s work in a way that more accurately reflects their community. These images are not exhaustive, but now include two years’ worth of images (updated in June 2022) and we hope they serve as an inspiration for your own organization to invest in how we are showing people and pets in marketing and communications. Do you have images you’d like to share with other organizations and add to this collection? Get in touch!


To learn more about how Portsmouth Humane Society decided to make more diverse and inclusive imagery a priority, watch this 30-minute Marketing Inspiration interview with their Executive Director, Alison Fechino.


A few notes before you download:

  • Photo credit for these images go to photographers Shellback Photography and Gina Montanarelli / Third Little Bird Photography
  • Start with the file folder named “Read First” for instructions and special notes on useage
  • For more images like this, try Images with HeART, our own stock photography project (coupon code in the Read First folder!)
  • Please be sure not to share link directly to the Google Folder but rather share this resource using this page. HeARTs Speak funding is dependent on measuring use of our resources and to do so, we need folks to access files through our website. Thank you!



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(You can download individual photos or the full zip files. Please note that the google link should not be shared!)