“Slow and steady wins the race.”

This rings especially true for the big races, like transforming the perception of shelter pets and getting more companion animals into loving homes. It’s no small task we’ve chosen to address, and it’s one that requires careful, consistent attention, care, creativity, and innovation — all things infused into the HeARTs Speak mission by our diverse group of members.

You may already know that HeARTs Speak members cover a growing portion of the globe, but how much of a dent are we truly making? We compiled responses from our member base to paint a clearer picture of just how expansive our reach truly is:


HeARTs Speak Infographic


Measuring the reach of our organization helps us identify areas of need, support our artists more effectively, and ultimately expand our collective reach to more shelter pets, staff, and volunteers. Gradual, thoughtful growth is growth that lasts, and we’re committed to providing access to training, equipment, and resources that help animal welfare groups and advocates save more lives.

Thank you for being a part of our mission!

Shout out to our friend Megan Rademacher of Maker of Rad for this beautiful infographic design.